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Competitive Business Advantages
Most all of us would like to be able to assist in gaining our organizations desired business results and competitive advantages within our own market niche.

This series of training modules will assist leaders, managers, business owners, quality performance improvement specialists, and others that are interested in exploring and discovering unique opportunities they can use to leverage to gain their competitive business advantages. Read on for more information ...


This interactive module training series examines ways in which the organization can build and gain their desired competitive business advantage which in turn lends to delighted customers, increased market shares, and increased profits.


Uniquely Designed for Busy Leaders  

Each of the training modules is narrated, animated, and contains on board notes so that all participants gain a "bigger bang" for their personal training bucks. The cost is only $40 per module.


Module Descriptions and Pricing

Gaining Competitive Business Advantage Part 1


Discussion  details includes the importance of implementing your organizations strategic plans, which includes all stakeholders as “accountable” for assistance in the achievement of a portion of those plans.


($45) Instantly download module after easy and secure checkout.



Gaining Competitive Business Advantage Part 2 


Gaining Competitive Business Advantage Part 2


Discussion details includes building a value add or value creating business strategy. Cost is $40.


($45) Instantly download module after easy and secure checkout.




We strongly suggest adding to this training, by including the following modules, to create a more complete implementation and deployment process. Each module can be purchased from Black Belt page.


  • LSS Business Management 1 & 2
  • Customer Service Focus
  • Scientific Methods
  • Leadership 1 & 2
  • Managing Performance Excellence parts 1, 2, 3, & 4