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Six Sigma Training & Certification


Are you interested in creating your professional competitive advantage as a leader and problem solver?


We make it easy and painless to launch your Lean Six Sigma quality improvement and problem solving career ... you can start today. This important choice can increase your professional and personal value, and your job function marketability in our global community.


TreQna University offers Six Sigma distance learning and online learning for White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt Project Manager, Management, Leadership, and Traditional Project Management training courses.


We offer Choices -- Select Your Own Training Style


  • Instant Download your desired training fromTU (pay as you go)
  • CD ROM (requires payment in full up front)
  • Online training offered via (pay as you go)
  • Classroom training set up via College/University/Organization (payment up front)


With our easy to use and all inclusive lean Six Sigma training packages you will learn about statistical analysis tools, follow the DMAIC project execution phases, learn how to reach and sustain the gains of making breakthrough performance improvements. Learn how you add value to your organizations bottom line profits, how you can assist in increasing market share and how to delight both your internal and external customer’s.


Have Busy Schedule?

Our training is presented in modular format, meaning each presentation is a separate presentation. The CD-ROM, Instant Download and Online Distance learning modules include the following;


  • Instructor Voice Narrations of the materials presented like being in class
  • Animations of presentation materials
  • Thumbnail view allows you to see and select items of interest
  • Course Outlines shows course topics  and can be used for navigation
  • Automatic Bookmarker that keeps your place until you return
  • Search engine within the module allows you to quickly locate items of interest
  • Written Notes regarding each presentation slide

Take your Six Sigma training “anytime and anywhere” you are ready, with our all inclusive Lean Six Sigma online and distance learning.

Begin and complete your training on your schedule and at an affordable cost per module. Do it your way!

We offer distance learning delivery, engaging interactivity, all inclusive materials, including experienced support advisor's, and all of this comes with affordable pricing and no hidden costs

You can instantly download each individual training module, after easy and secure checkout. Take the training you want, when you want it, and pay only for the module you need currently. Complete training in your time frame and at affordable costs per module.  


Make your move to a brighter, rewarding, and profitable career. Lean Six Sigma trained professionals are most often considered among the best and brightest -- the future leaders of businesses of all kinds. Making this important career choice to gain the LSS training you desire can increase your personal job value and marketability ... globally.


We each live with limited personal resources and family budgets. Very often we can't afford huge out of pocket purchases. Still we'd like to gain this training and certification, but how? We offer a solution ... just pay only for the module you currently need.  No time limits or other restricting controls, simply purchase and complete your desired Lean Six Sigma certification training in your time frame.


Support and Mentors


Each Lean Six Sigma distance learning and/or online training package is comprehensive and "all inclusive" ... having all you need for this specific training.. It is not likely you will require much assistance during your training. However, should you need assistance, just send me an email with your questions and I will assist you.


Take Action and Invest in Your Future Today!


Our Lean Six Sigma training programs will save you time and money. Start your training today. Instantly download each desired module, after completing our easy to use secure payment and checkout process.Your Six Sigma training is cost effective and efficient. Your Six Sigma training is ready "anytime and anywhere" you are ready. Get started today!


Virtual College of Texas Virtual College of Texas ImageYour valuable Lean Six Sigma Training Certification carries credibility, validity and respect. We are partnered with the Virtual College's of Texas.  You can take pride and trust in knowing that these training materials are current and presented in a professional manner.


If you desire your Lean Six Sigma Training Certification come from one of the colleges within the VCT system, please contact TreQna University for details, paper work requirements, costs, and payment methods.

Otherwise, your Six Sigma Training certification will be presented by TreQna University and Six Sigma Doctor.

Sign up today for a super savings deal on gaining your valuable  Lean Six Sigma Training and certification. This offer is backed by a No Risk Guarantee!

Increase Your Personal Market Value


Our Lean Six Sigma training programs will provide you with the knowledge’s,competencies and self confidence to execute your role and responsibility on any Lean Six Sigma project execution team.  


This important choice of becoming Lean Six Sigma trained and certified (at any belt level) can increase your personal value and professional marketability in our globally community. So, why not make your move today into a bright, rewarding, and profitable career.


Increase your professional brand, value and marketability globally with a Lean Six Sigma Training Certification from Treqna University. 


Risk Free image of guarantee symbol100% - No questions asked, take it to the bank Guarantee!!

We guarantee that if you make a diligent effort to use the tools and techniques presented in these training courses you purchase, that you will improve your "be able to do" skills sets and competency regarding the module series for which you are testing.

We guarantee that if you apply yourself diligently in completing your training materials, assignments, and competency tests to a level of 80% -- you will receive your Treqna University Lean Six Sigma Training Certification.