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Better and more usable than the typical PDF eBooks. Our eBooks are unique, life like with Flipping Pages, searchable, and interactive resource eBooks. Designed for those in the field that are interested in making quality improvements regarding processes, systems and people allowing you to assist in the achievement of the organizations desired business results. It easy for people to view our unique flipping pages eBooks online in their browser on their PC, Mac, iPhone, i Pad and Android devices.
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eBooks Currently Available
Easy Meals for the Gourmet Cook in You (189 pages - $4.99)

Easy to use cookbook with a gourmet touch, featuring my award winning "Blue Ribbon"  Texas Chili and over other 50 recipes for easy everyday meals. Sure to impress your family and guests. Also included are suggestions for tools and ingredients to assist in minimizing your time spent in preparations. eBook includes many cool usable features such as annotations and bookmarking to make this your own personalized cookbook.

Easy Meals for the Gourmet Cook in You


 7 Traditional Quality Tools (32 pages - $1.00)

The 7 traditional quality tools are tools designed to assist with identifying and prioritizing problems. The tools will assist with problem resolution and communication of the problem to others. The tools are a powerful way of extracting the facts about a problem and are ideally suited to continuous improvement activities: known as basic tools because they require little formal training in the area of statistics. (The tools are presented Visually) image of 7 Traditional Quality Tools eBook
Challenges of Managing Change(168 pages - $3.95)

Change is the one constant within each of our lives.This e-Book is a journey into a few of the suggested techniques and tips that each of us might apply towards meeting the challenges of managing change processes and implementation techniques within our organizations quality improvement arena. image of Challenges of Managing Change eBook
Creativity in Problem Solving (34 pages - $1.00)

Sometimes when looking at a problem we need a new ornovel approach to solve it. This is particularly true when looking at processes that have never achieved their potential. Creativity is: an ability,a process and an attitude.Creativity means looking at things differently and questioning. Sometimes this can be both difficult and uncomfortable. However, creativity is needed in all organizations, it can be taught and it is not mystical. image of Creative Problem Solving eBook
Managing Performance Excellence (178 pages - $3.95)

Enjoy the Art of War as written and intended, or simply for the pure pleasure and enjoyment of this wonderful and respected works. It is also my wishes that Sun Tzu's, The Art of War, as I have complied these works, can assist you and your team in managing performance excellence. Use it during times of strategic planning as it relates to your organization and your desired business results. Use it in developing leadership, management, team work, and of course for individual personal improvements. image of Managing Performance eBook
Developing Improvement Opportunity (112 pages - $2.95)

In this eBook we will explore leadership as the implementation artists of Six Sigma Deployment processes and in identifying Opportunity for implementing performance improvements. image of Improvement Opportunity eBook 
Future of Six Sigma Deployment (112 pages - $1.95)

First purpose of this e-Book is intended to explore “how” we might connect today’s workforce with leading business achievements of strategic goals and desired results.  Secondly, is to explore “how” producing a unique blended learning approach might better serve individuals to more easily gain “be able to do” skills of Six Sigma processes and achieve personal competitive advantages in the market place. Third purpose is to explore theneed to loosen the constraintsof a highly structured and regimented improvement process and reshape it to one that includes quickness and flexibility to allow for “growing into” the full benefits of the process. image of Future of Six Sigma eBook
Getting to Root Cause Analysis (76 pages - $1.95)

A Root Cause is defined as a cause that if removed, changed, or controlled, would have prevented the defect incident from occurring. A contributing cause is defined as a cause which contributed to the defect incident -- but was not a significant player in why it occurred. Using the Root Cause definition above – following the DMAIC process and employing the appropriate tools will guide the Root Cause Analysis investigation team into the discovery of the root causes and significant contributing causes of a defect incident or accident the team has under study. image of Getting to Root Cause Analysis eBook
Intervention and Behavioral Change (38 pages - $1.00)

The purpose of this eBook is to provide some reasonable “Intervention and Behavioral Change” process steps to provide others with a simple guideline in support of similar efforts. I will provide a sort of road map to follow for “intervention, reducing tension or stress, improving the interpersonal relationships, gaining commitments, and managing performance excellence of stakeholders. image of Intervention and Behavior Change eBook
Training Never Root Cause of Failures (60 pages - $1.00)

I would submit that many people seem to think Six Sigma, Lean, CIP, Kazan, and other types of quality improvement processes can and do fix all our ill’s – including those involving failures to perform or behave in the prescribed manners or desired performance arenas. It is my belief this type of thinking is a major failing in our own training and is akin to Dr.  Juran’s statement, “When the only tool you have is a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail.” image of Training Never Root Cause of Failures eBook
Knowledge Sharing (20 pages - $1.00)

Knowledge sharing is an activity through which knowledge (i.e. information,skills, or expertise) is exchanged among people, friends, or members of a family, a community (e.g. Wikipedia) or an organization. Knowledge sharing is the primary, most basic knowledge practice - without a sharing ethos, much of Knowledge Management promise fails. So what exactly is knowledge sharing all about? image of Knowledge Sharing eBook
Creating High Performance Teams (64 pages - $1.95)

The focus of “managing performance excellence” is that of alignment of stakeholder performances to the organizations Strategic Plans, with emphasis on gaining the desired business results, the appraisal is but one tool used to assist gaining those desired results. image of Creating High Performance Teams eBook
People and Continuous Improvement Projects (32 pages - $1.00)

The success, or failure, of an improvement project often resides around people issues. In most companies it is impossible to get projects done by yourself; you need the help of others. Whilst technical skills are taught during training, the softerpeople skills often aren’t.These notes are intended to present a logical wayof approaching this and hopefully of reducing the incidences of failure due to people issues. image of People and Continuous Improvment eBook
Root Cause & DMAIC Data (42 pages - $1.00)

Provide a well-defined and clearly communicated strategy to guide project or investigation team members and other stakeholders. Ensure that project selection or RCA investigations are (internal/external) customer focused. Empower the project or investigation team members to find and implement sustainable solutions. Pick experienced project leaders or investigative team members to ensure success. Select projects or RCA investigations that are consistent with company Strategy. image of Root Cause and DMAIC Data eBook
Lean Six Sigma Project Execution Guide (324 pages - $19.95)

The main purpose of this PDF eBook is designed to address the general guidelines (step-by-step) for Six Sigma Project execution phases of DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) and includes some suggested sub steps for each. The benefit of this eBook is found in providing a road map to both new and veteran project managers by assisting them and their teams to successful execute a first time Six Sigma project. A second benefit is the use of this work as a training guideline for the less experienced project team members serving on the execution team as “subject matter experts”. image of Six Sigma Project Execution Guide eBook
Strategic Plans and Goals (237 pages - $1.95)

This e-Book is a journey into examining a few suggested techniques and tips that we can apply to manage our strategic plans and goals, down through all levels and job functions of the organization. image of Strategic Plans and Goals eBook
Solving Problems (36 pages - $1.00)

This eBook presents a visual road map and numerous tools you can use to assist in solving many different types of problems.

5 Steps; Define the problem, Seek out the root cause(s), Select a “best” solution, Implement the solution, and Check that it works. Solve the problem properly and solve it once and for all. image of Problem Solving eBook
30 Questions for Project Charter (36 pages - $1.00)

This 36 page eBook's purpose is to provide set of questions intended to identify something that is even more elusive, the details of your Six Sigma Black or Green Belt Project. Not all of these questions might apply. However, answers that do apply should be transferred into your project charter. These questions add more detail to the topics outlined by the subheadings.  You may find these questions helpful as you gather information to prepare for your project. image of 30 Questions for Project Charters eBook
Training Needs Analysis (93 pages - $2.95)

The eBook is presented in three parts.


1. Why Utilize Training Needs Analysis as a first Priority before development and implementation of training programs?


2. A quick overview of our Performance Based Curriculum Training Needs Assessment and Analysis Process.


3. Reasons for designing, developing, and implementing specific internal customer Performance Based Curriculum training. image of Training Needs Analysis eBook
Verbal Communication (30 pages - $1.00)

We all communicate many times a day, but we aren’t that effective. Communication is a two-way street, something that is often overlooked. This 30 page eBook addresses some tools and techniques you can use to increase the effectiveness of your communications skills. image of Verbal Communications eBook
What is Quality? (20 pages - $1.00)

This eBook examines this question.The first job we have is to turn out quality merchandise that consumers will buy and keep on buying. If we produce it efficiently and economically, we will earn a profit, in which you will share.” image of What is Quality eBook
Six Sigma a Mystery or a Hidden Treasure ($5.95)

Six Sigma methodologies certainly seems to be a mystery for many that do not know or understand what this process can do to assist in achievement of an organizations desired business results, or to increase the businesses market share and the bottom line profits. This 212 page eBook will lead you to better understand the mysteries of Six Sigma methodologies and implementations as a part of the organizations Business Management System. image of Six Sigma Mystery or Hidden Treasure eBook
My Six Sigma Glossary ($1.95)

A personal searchable 159 flipping page eBook and desk reference featuring 309 terms and 96 acronym’s regarding Six Sigma. Search results are given by pages and highlighted in yellow. This (.exe) 159 flipping page eBook would make a great addition to your personal tools for use during your Six Sigma (other quality) training courses, your MBA training and other business training courses, and can become your personal -- easy access -- and searchable -- hot linked desk reference. image of My Six Sigma Glossary eBook

14th Alabama Regiment (Book 1 - 175 pages - Free) (Updated June 15 with new pages and features)

USA Civil War. Overview of CSA, 14th Alabama Regiment from July 1861 to May 1863. Includes names of original 1,317 officers and men. Good read for those interested in the USA Civil War under General Robert E. Lee, those interested in the 14th Alabama Infantry Regiment, those interested in John Caswell Todd, and those performing genealogy research for family and friends. Includes new larger and easy to read size, book marker, annotation marker, search feature, zoom in/out, and added 20 new pages including visuals. image of USA Civil War 14th Alabama Infantry Regiment eBook
Civil War Peninsular Campaign - 1861 - June of 1862 (Book 2 - 416 pages) ($3.95)

This book has been revised since release in October, adding newly discovered research. Follow the 14th Alabama Regiment from commissioning through May, 1862 during the Peninsular Campaign in this factual account of the American Civil War. Includes timeline, dates, maps, bio's. photos and drawings of these factual accounts of  the major battles engaged in during this first campaign, which took place in about 20 square miles of Virginia, in 1862.


This book ends with the final battle in May of the 1862 Peninsular Campaign. The next takes up with the Battle of Seven Pines (June of 1862) and completed all of the remaining battles of this campaign. Following this next eBook, we will take up the Northern Virginia Campaign. Several eBooks will follow as we cover each campaign and battle in sequential order up to the final surrender at Appomattox. image of Civil War Peninsular Campaign 14th Alabama eBook

 Civil War End Peninsular Campaign June -  August 1862 - 14th Alabama Regiment

(Book 3 - 490 pages) ($3.95)

We pick up our account of the 14th Alabama Infantry Regiment's engagements during the Peninsular Campaign, beginning with the Battle of "Seven Pines" (May 31st - June 1st) and end this eBook with the battle of "Thoroughfare Gap" fought on August 28, 1862. Features larger size, book marker, ability to make annotations in your book, a search feature, zoom in or out, single or double flipping pages, page counter and much more.

Summary of the following battles;


Seven Pines (May 31st - June 1, 1862 , Oak Grove (June 25, 1862), Mechanicsville (June 26, 1862), Gaines Mill (1st Cold Harbor) (June 27, 1862), Garnett's and Golding's Farms (June 27-28, 1862), 7 Days Battle Timeline, Savage Station, Harrisons Landing, Glendale (Frayser's Farm) (June 30, 1862), White Oak Swamp (June 30, 1862), Malvern Hill (July 1, 1862), Cedar Mountain (August 9, 1862), Manassas Station Operations (August 25th-27th,1862) and Thoroughfare Gap.



Civil War Northern Virginia Campaign June -  August 1862 - 14th Alabama Regiment

(Book 4 - 508 pages) ( $3.95)

We pick up our account of the 14th Alabama Infantry Regiment's engagements during the Northern Virginia  Campaign, beginning with examining more details of the roots of Robert E. Lee and end this eBook with the battle details of "Fredericksburg" ending on December 14, 1862 with both sides heading into winter quarters. Battles include; Rappahannock Station, Manassas Station, Thoroughfare Gap, Chapman's Mill, Manassas II (Second Bull Run), Brewers Farm, Stoney Ridge, Chantilly, South Mountain, Lee's Special Order 191, Crampton's Gap, Turner's Gap, Fox's Gap, Harper's Ferry, Antietam (Sharpsburg), and Fredericksburg.

Features larger size, book marker, ability to make annotations in your book, a search feature, zoom in or out, single or double flipping pages, page counter and much more.









Civil War  CSA's 2nd Invasion of the North:January -  June 1863 - 14th Alabama Infantry Regiment

(Book 5 - 538 pages) ($3.95)



We pick up our account of the 14th Alabama Infantry Regiment's as both sides come out of winter quarters in January of 1863. The Confederates begin plans work towards a second invasion of the North and we end this book just prior to the battle of Gettysburg, the turning of the Civil War for the Confederates. Battles include; Mud March, Suffolk, Kelly's Ford, Suffolk 2, Stoneman's Raid, Jones & Imboden Raid, Chancellorsville, Fredericksburg 2, Salem Church, Franklin's Crossing, Brady Station, 2nd Winchester, Middleburg, Upperville, Early's Raids in Pa., Fairfax Courthouse, Mechanicsburg, Corbits Charge, Littletown, Hanover, Sporting Hill, and Carlisle.

This book Features larger size, bookmarker, ability to make annotations in your book, a search feature, zoom in or out, single page or double flipping pages, page counter and so much more.